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All of our firewood sold is 100% exotic hardwoods; mainly Eucalyptus (various species), Black-wattle and Cedar-Wattle (all native to Australia), which have been condemned by legislation in South Africa. We do not condone the use and sale of our indigenous hardwoods.

The logs have been crosscut and do not exceed 250mm in length. These logs have then been split into pieces that do not exceed 100mm x 100mm The wood is cut to these dimensions as it caters for smaller stoves and fireplaces, yet it also works well in the medium and larger models.

During the summer months we process our firewood in preparation for the large demand we experience in winter. It is left in heaps to season in the sun for between 4-6 months. All firewood that leaves our yard has its moisture levels checked using electronic equipment. We guarantee that the wood is dry with moisture levels less than 18%.

Our minimum delivery is 1 cubic meter (1x Load). This is a long wheel-base bakkie load. The wood is loose and not bagged. We do not sell bagged wood. We also do not ‘stretch’ our loads by mixing in softer, fast-burning woods. Each load is 100% slow-burning hardwood (guaranteed).The maximum that we can deliver at any one time is 2 cubic meters (2x Loads).

Delivery and price:
We only deliver and do not offer a collection service. Delivery is included in the price within a 20 km radius of Kelvin, Sandton. There will be a delivery charge for any distances exceeding this (charge varies depending on distance). Price per 1 m3 is R 1495 incl VAT. Price for 2m3 is R 2760 incl VAT (cash or cheque), to be sealed in envelope with name and address, to be made available to driver on completion of delivery. Should you require us to stockpile the wood or place it other than a spot near the vehicle, this will cost an additional R 130-00 per 1m3 load. EFT payments are also welcome, but need to be made prior to delivery. Please use your delivery address as your beneficiary reference.
    Our banking details:
    Account name: Active Tree Fellers CC
    Account number: 22 148 0749
    Standard Bank
    Rivonia Branch
    Branch Code: 001255

The wood is offloaded in a neat heap next to the vehicle i.e., the closest point to where you want the wood that is accessible to the vehicle. A common practice for us is to reverse the vehicle into the garage and offload (this does not include stockpiling).

How to order:
You can place your order either by SMS, e-mail or Online. Choose a day (Mon-Sun).Then choose a time window that would suit you i.e: 8-10, 10-12, 12-2, 2-4. Send us your name, day of delivery, delivery address as well as a time window. Once we receive your information we will confirm with you via SMS or e-mail.

Click here to contact us via email.
SMS Alexis on 082-334-1646 or go to Order Firewood at the top of the page.

Please specify how many loads you would require (MAX 2x Loads) and if you need us to carry and/or stockpile your firewood for you.

It is preferable to keep the wood under cover and away form the elements. Fire start-up is much easier if the wood does not have any surface moisture caused by condensation or occasional winter rain. If the wood is going to be stored outdoors, it is a good idea to stack the wood in an area which receives a fair amount of direct sunlight. Also ensure that the wood is not stacked directly on damp earth. It should be raised off the ground and stacked on a pallet or similar device in order to allow air to pass freely under,around and through the entire stack. Cover the top of the stack with clear plastic which allows solar radiation in yet keeps condensation and rain out. If storing the wood indoors on a concrete or similar floor where there are no moisture concerns, the wood can be packed directly on the floor.

We recommend that you order your wood well in advance, and don’t leave your order until we have a cold front as we get seriously ‘snowed in’ at these times and sometimes cannot deliver for 1-3 weeks.

Wishing you a warm and comfortable winter with your loved ones!

Best regards
Alexis Baikoff

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